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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Jacob's Animal Quilt & Pillow

I finished Jacob's new animal quilt & pillow today! He loves pointing out animals when you ask him to identify them...... So this quilt will be entertainment for us while I am getting "cuddle wuddles" !! You can't beat that! LOL

And he really likes the matching pillow case!! I did a pillow case on his guitar quilt too (I can't remember if I posted that one) ..... He really seems to get a kick out of the pillow matching his quilt..... He's funny

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Made a NEW PURSE - Pink and Black

I finished making another purse!!  There are a few things that I would do differently if I did it all over again - but all and all - I'm pleased enough with it to start using it!

There were a couple of "FIRSTS" on this project again for me!  So that's good - I adding more techniques to my  "Learn to Sew Stuff" LIST!  I made my own piping for the first time and of course sewed the piping to my project!  Also -- this is my first purse to make using the "Drop In Liner" method.  I dropped the liner inside the purse outer shell and then put the binding on the top.

Here are a couple of pictures

Now I gotta make the wallet and card holder etc stuff to match  (like I did with the Olive and Purple purse)   You know -- this is all Mommy and Liz's fault!!!!!  They are the ones that got me all wrapped up in sewing stuff!!  I used to only QUILT - that's it!  Now I'm always sewing something new - and it takes me a long time because I am not a VETERAN SEAMSTRESS  LOL  But I have to admit -- I am having a good time learning all this new stuff  :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Happy Birthday today to my friend LIZ!!
Liz - We wish you weren't so far away so that we could celebrate with you in person!!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Liz's Sew A Long - June - Thread Case

Ok - our assignment for June on Liz's Sew-A-Long is THREAD CASES!!!  To see all of Liz's monthly assignments and all the participants entries - go to Liz's blog  (MOMENTS)

Again - Mommy and worked together on ours! We both chose to use the coordinating fabric of our sewing TOTES (I think that was February's assignment) ...... So these would match our "traveling sewing stuff" not our sewing ROOM themes.

We both made both sizes of this pattern (Go to Susan Sews blog to see Mommy's set). I finished my smaller one over at Mommy's house yesterday and then finished up my big one at home today!

This is the big one and the small one closed
Obviously - here they are opened up  :)
This is the big one opened up
This is Mommy's ABBY - Mommy came over today while I was finishing up my big one!   Abby LIKES to pose for pictures!! It's funny when you are taking a picture of something - she always tries to get in the picture!!!!  So adorable!!  She is the softest little doggie too - pictures dont do her enough justice! She's this sweet, super soft, loves to cuddle pile of fuzz that people cant get enough of...... seriously  :)
This is Mommy's set!  HER STUFF ALWAYS...... ALWAYS - comes out better than mine!!  Same pattern - same instructions - and I even have her helping me step by step  - AND HER STUFF ALWAYS COMES OUT BETTER THAN MINE !!?!?!?!?!!  LOL  She's been sewing for a loooong time - so I guess it's understandable!  :)

THANKS AGAIN to Liz for letting me participate in her monthly Sew-A-Long - and Thanks to Mommy as always for helping me learn a new project!!!

Big Hugs everyone!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sew A Long May Assignment

May's assignment for Liz's SEW-A-LONG was a sewing machine cover! I picked this new pink & purple fabric to do my covers and pads etc! But this is all I got done so far :) I HAD TO get one done for Liz's sew-a-long :)

I did a pink appliqué heart and then a floral center embroidery! I think I will probably do some more "tweaking" to it later - but we'll see!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jacob & Abby

Jacob just loves his Abby! Mommy's little Abby gets NO REST when Jacob is around :) in fact he kisses her SO MUCH - we have to keep telling him "That's Enough"!! So he says it every time himself now after getting Abby Kisses - he says ok that's enough! LOL

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day !!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommy's out there!! From someone who is lucky to have a GREAT MOM and who is twice as lucky to get to be Mommy to an amazing 3 year old miracle boy!! :)

Big Hugs

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kitchen table runner & towels

There is a long time between holidays :( after Easter the next holiday is Memorial Day? Wow! Long time ....... So ...... I made me an 'everyday' table runner just to match my kitchen (browns).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pincushions for Liz's Sew-A-Long

Our assignment for the month of April in Liz's Sew-A-Long was PINCUSHIONS!!!  Yay!!  Fun stuff  :)  I went over to Mommy's so that we could make our pincushions together.  I stuck with PURPLE again (my favorite color and the color of my quilting room).... and Mommy does her stuff in Blue.  We each made two pin cushions!  One was a cactus pattern and I forget the name of the other one we decided to do.  I decided to call it the 10 MINUTE PIN CUSHION.....LOL  You cut three circles the same size - three pieces of fabric - all circles - all the same size!  How easy is that?   We of course turned it into a slightly LONGER TIME SPENT project having fun playing with what embellishments we were going to use!  :)  But this was SUPER FUN for me......  being a quilter (not a sew'er) - I dont really get to mess with these pretty trims & laces & embelishments like that.  Mommy had a FULL SELECTION of stuff for me to pick from too - so I had a great time playing with different laces, ribbons, trims etc

Here is my cactus bloom pincushion

Here is my 10 minute pin cushion -
I'm calling this one my REGAL CROWN PIN CUSHION

Its fun to see how different the pincushions can look with just choosing different fabric and embelishments.  Here are my pincushions and Mommy's pincushions all together!!  I just LOVE the tape measure fabric Mommy used in hers!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Decorations

I totally skipped St Patrick's Day -- didn't put out any of my decorations!!  Whoops!  :(  So I figured I better go all out for Easter  (well - not like Christmas or anything..... but at least more than usual)  :)

Here are some of my favorite Easter Decorations

Friday, March 16, 2012

March assignment - SEW ALONG

The assignment for the month of March on Liz's "SEW ALONG" is Thread Catchers!  Once again - Mommy came over and we did ours together  :)  I only made this ONE thread catcher - Mommy made several   :)    Guess who gets more time to sew than I do??  HHHmmmmmm.......  LOL  Mommy brought over this pin cushion "bead" stuff - like pellets or something.  This adds a little weight to our pin cushion to help our thread catcher "stay put" on the edge of our table  :)  So we stuff the pin cushions with 1/2 pellets and 1/2 stuffing! 


 See the Mat that Mommy made for me a long time ago?  I used the matching fabric for my thread catcher!!!

Here is a picture of mine and Mommy's together.  Mommy's Blue one matches HER mats at home  :)

WHOOP WHOOP !!! All done with March's assignment Liz !!!  BRING ON APRIL'S !!!  :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Liz's "Moments - Sew Along" - February assignment

The assignment for the month of February is a sewing tote on that SEW ALONG I joined on Liz's 'Moments' Blog!  Mommy and I went through her patterns and I really liked this pattern she had!  It is Butterick pattern B5006  I really liked the tote but I was afraid that the pleated pockets and everything would be too difficult for someone that doesnt know how to sew off of those brown paper patterns  LOL !  But Mommy wasnt afraid  :)  So after selecting our fabrics we got to work!  Mommy came over several days and we did our totes together step by step!  I'm not gonna lie - it was kinda hard! LOL  Even with Mommy standing right here explaining what I needed to do for each step - it was a little confusing (the directions I mean).......  BUT -- we got through it and had a good time all the while making the totes!  I had FUN  - even when I was pulling out seams  LOL. 

Mommy being here not only made making this tote POSSIBLE - but her being here made making this tote FUN! 

Here are some pics! 

This is the pic that I am going to turn in to Liz  for our February SEW ALONG assignment!!!

Front & Back of the sewing tote!!

This one is Mommy's !!   I LOVE LOVE the striped fabric in this tote!

Side by Side  (Whoop Whoop)  All that work..... AND PLEASED with our totes!!!  Now time to go tell Liz and show her pics of our February homework!  LOL