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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Made a NEW PURSE - Pink and Black

I finished making another purse!!  There are a few things that I would do differently if I did it all over again - but all and all - I'm pleased enough with it to start using it!

There were a couple of "FIRSTS" on this project again for me!  So that's good - I adding more techniques to my  "Learn to Sew Stuff" LIST!  I made my own piping for the first time and of course sewed the piping to my project!  Also -- this is my first purse to make using the "Drop In Liner" method.  I dropped the liner inside the purse outer shell and then put the binding on the top.

Here are a couple of pictures

Now I gotta make the wallet and card holder etc stuff to match  (like I did with the Olive and Purple purse)   You know -- this is all Mommy and Liz's fault!!!!!  They are the ones that got me all wrapped up in sewing stuff!!  I used to only QUILT - that's it!  Now I'm always sewing something new - and it takes me a long time because I am not a VETERAN SEAMSTRESS  LOL  But I have to admit -- I am having a good time learning all this new stuff  :)

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Liz - Moments said...

WOW Amy..the purse is adorable...and my colors!! LOL
Which pattern did you use?!?
You did a great job and I am glad to be part of the reason our sewing...you do it good!!