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Friday, February 10, 2012

Liz's "Moments - Sew Along" - February assignment

The assignment for the month of February is a sewing tote on that SEW ALONG I joined on Liz's 'Moments' Blog!  Mommy and I went through her patterns and I really liked this pattern she had!  It is Butterick pattern B5006  I really liked the tote but I was afraid that the pleated pockets and everything would be too difficult for someone that doesnt know how to sew off of those brown paper patterns  LOL !  But Mommy wasnt afraid  :)  So after selecting our fabrics we got to work!  Mommy came over several days and we did our totes together step by step!  I'm not gonna lie - it was kinda hard! LOL  Even with Mommy standing right here explaining what I needed to do for each step - it was a little confusing (the directions I mean).......  BUT -- we got through it and had a good time all the while making the totes!  I had FUN  - even when I was pulling out seams  LOL. 

Mommy being here not only made making this tote POSSIBLE - but her being here made making this tote FUN! 

Here are some pics! 

This is the pic that I am going to turn in to Liz  for our February SEW ALONG assignment!!!

Front & Back of the sewing tote!!

This one is Mommy's !!   I LOVE LOVE the striped fabric in this tote!

Side by Side  (Whoop Whoop)  All that work..... AND PLEASED with our totes!!!  Now time to go tell Liz and show her pics of our February homework!  LOL

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bags Bags Bags !

Momy made her own grocery/shopping bags a couple years ago.  She's really good about using them - she always remembers to take them in the grocery store and uses them instead of using those crappy plastic ones they give you!  Anyway - recently, I've had a few "incidents" with those grocery store plastic bags BREAKING on me and stuff falling out of my bag.  The final straw was when a jar of cheese wiz came out of one of my ripped bags and BROKE in the driveway!  I had a broken glass and goey cheese mess to clean up outside  :(  YUCK  Normally - I would just cry to Mommy and plead with her to make me a set of grocery bags like hers!....... BUT - since I've been sewing "stuff" other than just quilts - I thought....  hhhmmmmm......  maybe - just maybe I could make my own!!!  LOL  I asked Mommy for the directions and went to work!!!  Needless to say - I am LOVING the bag thing!  So far Ive made 5 bags!  After my first bag - I made me and Mommy matching bags for quiting/sewing/craft shopping.  Then I decided to get brave and deviate fom the pattern size and make a few CUSTOM SIZE bags to my needs (pretty much just BIGGER).....  Here are some pics!

MY FIRST BAG!!!  Mommy wasn't with me - so poor Mommy had to explain a few things to me over the phone!  LOL  I get frustrated when I've read a step more than 3 times and still stare at the paper and say "HUH??"....  LOL  But Mommy got me through my road blocks!!  Geez where would I be without Mommy!

Then I made these fabric/sewing/craft shopping bags for me and Mommy.  I dont think you can see - but Mommy's has BLUE thread and mine has PURPLE. 

This one was next!  I made it much bigger (and super deep) - and put REALLY LONG handles on this one!  Sometimes it's hard carrying everything you have to carry with a two year old in your arms too!  So it's nice to have long handles sometimes. I can sling this over my shoulder OR even dip my head & shoulder under and sling it in front of me if needed!

I'm having a GREAT TIME by the way, matching up fabric choices for the lining etc in these bags!  I LOVE LOVE matching up fabrics!

This is my last and so far my FAVORITE BAG!!  I added a POCKET to the front and to the back! I made it not as deep but wide and real boxy bottom!  I even added a piece of covered cardboard on the bottom for good support!