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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kitchen table runner & towels

There is a long time between holidays :( after Easter the next holiday is Memorial Day? Wow! Long time ....... So ...... I made me an 'everyday' table runner just to match my kitchen (browns).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pincushions for Liz's Sew-A-Long

Our assignment for the month of April in Liz's Sew-A-Long was PINCUSHIONS!!!  Yay!!  Fun stuff  :)  I went over to Mommy's so that we could make our pincushions together.  I stuck with PURPLE again (my favorite color and the color of my quilting room).... and Mommy does her stuff in Blue.  We each made two pin cushions!  One was a cactus pattern and I forget the name of the other one we decided to do.  I decided to call it the 10 MINUTE PIN CUSHION.....LOL  You cut three circles the same size - three pieces of fabric - all circles - all the same size!  How easy is that?   We of course turned it into a slightly LONGER TIME SPENT project having fun playing with what embellishments we were going to use!  :)  But this was SUPER FUN for me......  being a quilter (not a sew'er) - I dont really get to mess with these pretty trims & laces & embelishments like that.  Mommy had a FULL SELECTION of stuff for me to pick from too - so I had a great time playing with different laces, ribbons, trims etc

Here is my cactus bloom pincushion

Here is my 10 minute pin cushion -
I'm calling this one my REGAL CROWN PIN CUSHION

Its fun to see how different the pincushions can look with just choosing different fabric and embelishments.  Here are my pincushions and Mommy's pincushions all together!!  I just LOVE the tape measure fabric Mommy used in hers!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012